Dust off your flip flops and grab a pop top!  You’ve stumbled upon my “gratitudes and attitudes” journal.  This started out as a suggestion from my pastor to the congregation to start a gratitude journal.  I found after just one week of writing down what I was thankful for each night, I felt better as a person.  So now, I want to bring you into the conversation!  Don’t worry, my religion isn’t really a big part of this journal though you will see it sprinkled through out as I am a devout Methodist.  But, being Methodist, I welcome anyone and everyone to comment freely and at will.  I welcome debate but I ask that you keep it PG-13.  I’m going to try to keep my own negativity to a minimum since this is supposed to be a blog about for what I am thankful.

In the Attitudes section, you will find my hot topics of the moment.  These will be added to Camera292at random but with some steady hitters.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers football, the South and its food (since I live here), and history are huge portions of my life.  I am a huge quote fan, especially from past presidents and political leaders, being a historian.  You can check out my history blog at www.inspiredbyhistory.wordpress.com.

I hope you can sit a spell and share in this beautiful Florida sunset where I am without sharing the heat!

To the left you see can see three lines.  Click on those links to access the tag cloud, follow button, search and other features!

Thanks for visiting!  Please comment at will!


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